1981, Southern Andes mountains.
juanbender [at] mail [dot] com
Currently living in Russia.

With the help of technology I allow users make decisions involving three-value logic, circular schemes and recognition of space in order to access unexpected information and act according to such schemes.

Self-taught in linguistics, grammar, translation, programming, sound, electronics, repairing and hacking appliances, calendars, cooking, music history, composition and harmony.

Academic studies in educational psychology. University of Buenos Aires.

Translator: English, Spanish, Portuguese.

Advisor in learning processes, focused in foreign languages.

Producer of cultural events related to astronomy at the Planetarium of Buenos Aires. 2005 – 2006.

Producer and curatorial assistant at several galleries and fairs of contemporary art in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. 2008 – 2011.

Writer: Published articles about calendars, linguistics, astronomy, music, travelling and futurism in newspapers and magazines of Argentina.