Juan Bender
Linguist – Translator

– Interested since his early childhood in geography, Chinese culture, cuisine, language and 京剧.

Jennifer Planes
Journalist – Translator

– Columnist in magazines, blogs and cultural sections of newspapers with articles about Chinese culture, music and futurism.
Developer of the musical instrument Song Kernel.
– Chinese culture enthusiast.

Alejandro Rodríguez

– Director of Dogrush
– Specialist in 3D, computer animation, mapping, virtual arts and stage design.
– He has been director of technology and stage in two editions of the National Grape Harvest Festival and has designed optical assembly for the show of Fuerza Bruta and events in Plaza de Mayo, Cerro de La Gloria and several other festivals.
– He has developed systems of Motion tracking for HMD, systems of virtual reality, contents for video games, software, as well as the augmented reality device V-Dome.


Juano Groisman, 陈晓艺, Elena Cutri, Офелия Арутюнян, Brenda Michalek, 庞良雯, Diana Orduna, Florencia Rossi, Juan Cortelletti, Andrea Cano, Gisela Scaglia, Oscar San Martino

Surfaces of coincidence

Gálvez – 南京 (Nánjīng)