Surfaces of coincidence

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There are scarce spots in the world with humans on both sides.

Argentina / China

Most of the territory of Argentina has its antipodes in China. They are the two countries with the biggest antipodal coincidence. The technologies of information and communication facilitate dialogue between people around the world but cultural barriers persist. Alongside, China and Argentina are going through a great time in their relations. China is the second world buyer of Argentine goods. Chinese culture seeks to gain influence in the Western world, to break prejudices about its secrecy and inaccessibility and to spread its language and customs. Likewise Argentina is looking for a space in the Asian imaginary. Tango, cows and top-level football players are the icons to which their culture and their particular South American identity are identified, but there are many more unknown features that can collaborate to the understanding between nations.

After several months of search in a battleship fashion, calculations and corrections on maps we were able to identify the urban coincidences between antipodal territories. A new way of exploring the world. The coincidences between cities are almost nonexistent. In the antipodes of some cities in Argentina there are small villages. Buenos Aires has its antipodes off the maritime coasts of 江苏 (Jiāngsū) and 山东 (Shāndōng) provinces, while 北京 (Běijīng) and 上海 (Shànghǎi) match uninhabited areas of the provinces of La Pampa and Entre Rios respectively. However there are several matches in smaller cities, apart from the enormous coincidence between 南京 and Gálvez. Also, the main internal river of China and third longest river in the world, the 长江 (Yangtze) has an antipodal crossing with the Paraná river, the main internal river of Argentina and eighth longest river in the world. The points of crossing are the Tacuanicito island (province of Santa Fe) on the Paraná and the 世业洲 (Shiye island) on the 长江 (Yangtze).

The unusual socket type, present both in Argentina and in China.

Argentina-Chile / Russia-Mongolia

The Argentinian provinces of Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego, Malvinas islands, part of the province of Chubut and the Chilean regions of Magallanes, Aysén and Los Lagos have their antipodes in provinces of the centre and East of Mongolia, in the Republic of Buryatia in Russia and in Zabaykalsky Krai, also in Russia. There are almost perfect matches of some small towns in these regions, which we continue investigating. Certainly, it is not absolutely necessary to find perfect coincidences in order to link cities and use the current technology to carry out interesting exchanges of many kinds.

Other minor coincidences

Paraguay – Provincia de Formosa / Taiwan (Formosa)

Spain / New Zealand

Antarctic Peninsula / Krasnoyarsk Krai-Sakha Republic (Russia)
Some towns in Yakutia (Sakha Republic) are almost in exact antipodes of antarctic bases of Argentina and Chile.

Svalbard-Russian Arctic Islands / Antarctica

Philiphines / Mato Grosso-Pará (Brazil)

Perú / Cambodia-Vietnam-Malaysia

Indonesia-Brunei / Colombia-Venezuela-Brazil

Jindo island (South Korea) / Cabo Polonio (Uruguay)

Greetingman statue in Montevideo celebrating antipodes between Uruguay and South Korea.

Gálvez – 南京 (Nánjīng)